Oo! (long!)

Now, when I say “Oo,” you say “long!” Oo! (long!) Oo! (long!) When I say “Herbal,” you say “No, thanks!” Herbal? (No, thanks!) Herbal? (No, thanks!)


The Kinks II

Tea time still ain’t the same without my Donna
At night I lie awake and dream of Donna
I went to our cafe one day
They said that Donna walked away
You’d think at least she might have stayed
To drink her afternoon tea


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Turn on the tea and let it brew
I like six cups not one or two
My nerves are shaking and my heart is breaking
It’s just because of all the tea I take
Bring out the cups and honey too
Turn on the tea and let it brew
I don’t care that she’s left me
Just so long as the cupboard’s full of tea
Poor old Budda turned into stone
That’s why I drink tea alone